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Cinema closed? Your Lowell/Edwards home theater room will always be open!

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Entertaining at home – your home theater

Wondering what makes for home entertaining in the age of, well, staying more at home? A Home Theater or Media Room – it’s a great step to making a hit with family and friends and a room to enjoy whenever you just need to get away.   

Home Theaters or Media Rooms consist of the video display, a sound system and often automated lighting and shades. Let’s take a look at the video side first. Do you mount a big TV on the wall or do you go really big with a video projector and screen? Either can deliver impressive 4K or 8K technology. This will let you see the details of your movies, shows, and sports with amazing, lifelike clarity. How do you decide whether to choose a flat panel display or a projector and screen? We base our choice on size – flat panel displays up to 85” or so, are readily available at reasonable price ranges.

When you want a screen size of 100” or larger, a separate projector and screen makes more sense. It also depends on your room. What you can place where, and how much light will reflect on the screen during the day.   

Planning a staycation for the holidays? Call us for a complimentary Media Room consultation today.

Home Theater, Theater chairs, Projection TV

Experience our New Home Theater Demo Room with 130″ screen and 12 home theater chairs to choose from. By appointment and sanitized for your visit.

Projection TV, Theater chair, Media Room


Thinking about a dedicated Media Room or Home Theater room, but don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. Let’s chat. We’ve made theaters in garages, extra bedrooms, attics, basements… you name it. This will be the favorite room in your home. A great place to entertain, throw a party, have the kids take the stage for Karaoke or any other type of show… it’s just great fun.

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