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Dedicated Home Theater Room Systems – An Amazing Room To Add to Your Home

Lowell/Edwards Home Integration home theater room staff is skilled in electronic design, interior design and acoustics. We will create the ultimate dedicated home theater room for you home. The experience is above and beyond what any commercial theater provides. It will immersing you in comfort, picture and sound. You will be carried off into the fantasy of the movie you are watching.

There are 5 areas that make up a dedicated home theater room or Media Room. These include sound proofing as well as acoustics, interior design, seating and electronics. They all integrate to create the ultimate effect. We can help you will all or individual areas.

Sound Proofing

The sound systems in a high end home theater room generates high volume low distortion sound along with extended bass response. Normal walls just won’t be able to contain it. Allowing the sound to echo through the house. This will happen whenever the system is used. We specify special construction techniques as well as materials to sound proof the room. You can watch a movie when the kids are sleeping. They can watch during the day without disturbing you! We feature the Isowall system from Acoustic Science Corp. It is a scientifically designed system. It is also custom engineered for your room to encapsulate it acoustically.

Isowall system from Acoustic Science Corp

Home Theater Room Acoustics

Like the body of a violin or guitar the room itself has a huge influence on the sound. Next we make amazing home theater room speakers fulfill their sound potential. We make them sound better than great. We need to tune the room to make it acoustically correct. This entails the use of absorbing panels along with reflective panels and bass traps. They are installed in a formulated system. This also creates acoustic perfection. These panels are designed to hide behind aesthetic design elements as well as  fabric panels. This makes them hidden but heard. The Cinema Tech ARS Acoustic Room System is our choice for fine room acoustics and tuning.

Cinema Tech ARS Acoustic Room System
Room Acoustics

Interior Design

After the room is isolated to contain the acoustic energy and then fine tuned to allow the system to perform at it’s optimum we can then style it. A fantasy room with a theme, the look of a period theater or contemporary design the choice is yours. There is a function to the design and layout. It has to hide the acoustics materials and as well as to enclose the various speakers and video projection elements. We then have to add your special requirements to personalize the room. These include bars, fridges, pop corn machines, etc. Cinema Tech’s Design Service Program covers every aspect of design from initial concept, extensive plans, material selection, construction and installation. Inquire about this special program to design your theater.

Custom Room Interior Designs
Interior Design


Purpose build home theater seating cradles you in the optimum position to view the screen. They also support you more like a car seat than a sofa. You can then view movies for hours without fatigue and are extremely comfortable. We will advise you regarding the proper layout to maximize the seating capacity as well as the best viewing angles. We also take into account platform height and depth, electrical requirements and lots of great options. You can use one of our fine leathers, mohair, Ultrasuede and faux leathers. Have an interior designer? COM or COL choices allow you to provide you own materials.

Options also include touch screen holders, retractable arms and tray tables. Additionally we have aisle lighting, custom chair sizes, motion activators, LED lighting and many more. We have one of the largest displays of home theater chairs in the area. Visit our showroom to see how comfortable they are. We feature offerings from Cinema Tech Seating as well as Fortress Seating.

Fortress Seating Palladium Home Theater Seating
theater seating


This is the part that makes it all happen in a home theater room. The Big Screen – Most dedicated home theaters utilize projection systems. Every year the projectors get smaller as well as sharper and brighter. New technologies have been added. These include LED driven projectors and 3D as well as the newest acoustic transparent screen with HDR. Screens can be fixed as well as  motorized. Innovations that also make projections systems unique is the ability to show Cinema Scope wide screen images in full resolution without masking. The experience is imersive as well as amazing!!

We craftily integrate the speakers into the room decor to make them unobtrusive yet still provide a quality level of sound you have never experienced before. 9 channel surround including dual subwoofers will envelope you in distortion less sound. It is truly a moving experience as you can actually feel it! The new digital Dolby Atmos surround standard will additionally provide the ultimate experience. It does it through adding extra ceiling mounted speakers.

Large touch screen remotes as well as iPads control the system. They provide access to on line streaming video content, Blue Ray disk, satellite TV or cable TV. The system will also control the lighting, drapes, and even the hvac system.

Runco Video Projector and Stewart Film Screen
creston ipad control
iPad Control – Crestron
creston touch remote
Touch Remote Control
Runco 3D LCD Video Projector
Runco 3D LCD Video Projector
PBS Synchrony Surround Speakers
PBS Synchrony Surround Speakers
NAD Master Series Home Theater Processor
NAD Master Series Home Theater Processor
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