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Lowell/Edwards Home Integration new showroom offers one of the foremost and largest displays Home Theater Seating. All of our seating is of the finest quality.  10 chairs are on display. You can sit in as well as get the feel of the chairs.  Try it before you buy it. You can decide which suits you the best. We offer both motorized and manual chairs. The seats are also available in different grades of leather. These can include specialty leathers, faux leather, Ultrasuede as well as mohair. You can provide your own fabric or leather as well for the ultimate in customization or personalization . The interior designer’s term is COM or COL. Customization is welcomed as well as encouraged. We have special trade discounts available for interior designers.

We will also assist you with material samples and layouts. Also we will assit you with dimensions, wiring information and any other details you may need. Contact us to set up an appointment to assist you with your home theater seating.

Fortress Seating

Fortress entered the home theater arena because there was a void when it came to custom seating. Designers were creating beautiful home theaters while integrators were designing custom audio and video, and the need for custom seating was apparent. Even with over 30 standard models from which to choose, the need for custom seating is more demanding than ever.

What a good theater chair needs…. Drawing upon the experience gained in building commercial seating has allowed us to build the strongest theater chair available. Seating is personal – that is why we build each chair according to the order. Comfort… Design… Quality is what you get when you buy a chair from Fortress.

Satisfied customers state… “We chose Fortress because we wanted input into what our theater chairs would look like. At 6’8” a standard chair just didn’t work. Thank you Fortress.” And another, “We really wanted to maximize our room and thanks to Fortress’ willingness to make chairs of different sizes, we were able to get 15 chairs instead of the 13 quoted elsewhere.”

JR2 – Fortress Seating
Fortress Seating JR2

Cinema Tech

It is impossible to read the Wall Street Journal, attend a pro sporting event or watch a feature film without seeing a CinemaTech Client. With over a decade and half of experience, serving the highest clientele in the world, to put it simply…

CinemaTech does not do easy, simple or ordinary.


No room is alike, we understand and therefore embrace this fact. By custom designing every room we are brought into, CinemaTech can truly create a one-of-a-kind home theater. At CinemaTech we create beauty, we create usability, as well as we create inspiration.With our expertise, CinemaTech is able to push the boundaries of what a private home theater is and what it can be. We know what to ask and we listen.We create a room that all other rooms in your house will aspire to be.


At CinemaTech, we’re not interested in creating rooms that are built just to look good. Our home theaters not only look beautiful, they also sound and feel beautiful.We don’t believe in beauty without performance, or performance without beauty. Instead, we choose to engineer home theaters that combine the many facets of performance to create something exceptional. To us, home theaters are not just another room in your home. They are machines, they are vacations, as well as they have the power to transport you wherever you want.


CinemaTech was born because of the absence of something great, the lack of beautiful, powerful home theater seating.In the last 15 years, CinemaTech has grown to the level it has because at its core, we are a company that feels the love of creating, inventing and enhancing which never gets old.

cinema tech
fortresss seating
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